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Why Austin Air?

“More clean air delivered faster and more efficiently than any other air cleaner on the market.”

Austin Air provides the safest portable air cleaning system available. For over 35 years they have been manufacturing the world’s Top Performer for allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. It’s designed for the toughest air contamination conditions, yet suitable for everyday maintenance of a healthy indoor environment.

Removes the broadest spectrum of pollutants:

from pollens to perfumes, dust to formaldehyde, bacteria and viruses to mould and wood burning smoke, odours, gases, toxic chemical vapours, VOCs.

Their outstanding performance is why the U.S. government uses Austin Air purifiers in environmental emergencies, such as during the destruction of chemical weapons in Anniston, Alabama; why SOCAL and the government of California used Austin Air purifiers for the community of Porter Ranch, California during the Aliso Canyon gas leak accident; and why FEMA and the Red Cross chose Austin Air units for deployment at Ground Zero and in the surrounding areas in the aftermath of 9/11.

Every Austin Air purifier operates with true medical grade HEPA and activated carbon filtration. For the protection of our lungs, Austin Air adds nothing but clean air. They do not ionize the air, or create ozone. They do not produce any dangerous by-products. Even their casing is steel with a non-toxic finish.

These air purifiers are ‘work horses,’ yet they’re very quiet on the low setting. They’re extremely easy to use and maintain. The 360° intake system maximizes air flow, and the pure air vent enables the user to position the unit so the air flows in the desired direction. Clean air is delivered in 15 seconds! Under normal residential use, the filter lasts up to 5 years, and each new unit comes with a full 5 year mechanical warranty.

The Austin Air Story

When Richard and Joyce Taylor first introduced their personal air purifier to the consumer market over 35 years ago, it was the result of their search for a solution to Joyce’s breathing problem. They discovered that when they used true medical grade HEPA filtration, combined with activated carbon, Joyce’s health began to improve. They decided to help other families as well, and Austin Air Systems was born!

Dr. Doris Rapp, an internationally renowned pediatric allergist and environmental medical specialist, now retired, contributed her expertise in creating the Austin Air HealthMate Plus, specifically designed to help the chemically sensitive.

Austin Air units have been so successful, they are now manufactured in a 470,000 square foot facility in Buffalo, New York, with distribution centres in Buffalo and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

HealthMate Plus HM450

The HM 450 filters the broadest range of indoor air pollutants.  Suitable for common areas such as living rooms.  Choice of 4 colours. 

Bedroom Machine HM402

The Bedroom Machine is our most advanced air purifier, with five stages of filtration.  Choice of 4 colours.

HealthMate Plus Junior HM250

Perfect for a small bedroom.  Just like the HealthMate Plus, this junior model filters everything from pollens to perfumes, dust to bacteria, and more.  Choice of 4 colours.

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