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Who Needs an Air Purifier?


The respiratory systems of babies and children are not fully developed. Their hearts beat much faster, they are more active and take in more air per body weight, and their major organs have to work harder to cope with toxins and pollutants. They also have narrower airways than adults. Consequently, air pollution that would produce only moderate irritation in adults can cause serious problems in a young child.


Our bodies may not be working as efficiently as in our younger days, perhaps making us more susceptible to viruses, bacterial infections, and immune deficiencies. Our personal environment may not be conducive to maximum health due to poor air quality, especially if we tend to spend most of our time indoors.

Individuals With Allergies, Asthma & MCS

For those whose allergy and asthma attacks are triggered by pollens or other airborne particles, a true medical-grade HEPA filter air purifier will significantly reduce the irritants in the room.  When used in the bedroom, many people have experienced symptomatic relief and a better sleep.

For those who are sensitive to VOCs and other airborne chemicals, an air purifier with several pounds of activated granular carbon is the best way to remove these pollutants.

Healthy Adults

Everyone breathes dangerous chemicals and particles every day, and the extent of damage to humans is not yet fully known. Since the effects of indoor air pollution take time to show up, even years, healthy individuals would be wise to take steps to maintain maximum health.

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