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Austin Air Warranty

5-Year Limited Warranty

Backed by the best warranty in the industry, you can take pleasure in knowing you’ve made a sound investment with your Austin Air cleaner.  

In the event of a malfunction or failure of the Austin Air purifier, you can contact Austin Air Canada directly, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-236-9525, to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA #), or you may fill out Austin Air’s online “Warranty Claim” form.  If you prefer, you can first contact The Clean Air Coach.

Please Note:  Before returning your unit, you will need to have a Return Authorization Number.

The air purifier should then be sent insured and packaged with sufficient protection and postage together with the RA # and a copy of the original bill of sale to the address below.  If the malfunction or failure is a result of defects covered by this warranty, Austin Air Canada will, at its option, repair or replace the Austin Air purifier and return it to the purchaser.

This warranty is limited to the original retail purchaser and is not transferable.  The warranty does not cover damage due to accidents, abuse, tampering or misuse, nor does it cover damage resulting from service by persons other than Austin Air Canada or its agents.

Austin Air Canada’s liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective Austin Air purifier with the exception of damages resulting from Austin Air Canada’s failure to comply with Federal or Provincial warranty law.  Austin Air Canada shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages whether direct or indirect. The replacement filters are covered under a separate pro-rated warranty.

This warranty is expressly granted in lieu of all other warranties, which in some areas cannot be excluded.  There are no warranties that extend beyond the description of the face hereof and no person, representative or firm is authorized to commit Austin Air Canada to further liability or obligation.

In the event that you have any questions concerning the use and care of Austin Air products, service under this warranty, or any other questions, please call 1-888-236-9525.

Shipping Address: Austin Air Canada – 725 McMurray Rd, Waterloo, ON N2V 1Y2

5-Year Limited Warranty

Austin Air offers a 5-year pro-rated filter warranty, by far the most comprehensive in the industry. No more costly filter replacements every few months or even years. Austin Air filters are designed to last for an amazing 5-years, under normal residential use.

Every Austin Air filter carries a five-year pro-rated warranty.  This means you pay for portion of the filter that you’ve used.

The filter is not guaranteed if it has been subjected to chemicals not normally found in households.  This includes tobacco smoke and fumes from fresh painting, etc.

In order to get a replacement filter under the five-year pro-rated warranty you must do the following:

Fill out the “Submit a Filter Replacement Warranty Claim” form under the Warranty menu on our website or call 1-888-236-9525.  We’ll then provide you with a quotation for a replacement filter based on the following replacement filter costs.

  • Up to 2 years of use – 40% discount off retail plus shipping costs
  • 2-3 years of use – 30% discount off retail plus shipping costs
  • 3-4 years of use – 20% discount off retail plus shipping costs
  • 4-5 years of use – 10% discount off retail plus shipping costs

Shipping costs are based on delivery address.

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